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Pierpoint provides a range of research products including publicly available material, bespoke commissioned research and surveys as well as white-labelled projects including Thought Leadership pieces.

All research work draws on Pierpoint’s unique knowledge, experience and network to generate valuable, thought-provoking insights into the world of securities finance. 

We think this is the best high-level explanation of securities lending we have ever seen.


It was put together by the International Securities Lending Association ( and we encourage you to visit their site for other relevant content.

What is Securities Lending?

Featured Research

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Securities Finance:
A Journey Through Time - Building on the Past
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ETFs & Securities Finance
ETFs & Securities Finance

Examining the key issues involved with secondary market liquidity of European ETFs with a specific focus on the role and usage of ETFs in securities lending and collateral transactions.

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CCPs - Securities Lending
CCPs - Securities Lending

An independent analysis of the arguments for and against industry-wide adoption of CCPs. An important document identifying the fundamental challenges facing potential broad application in securities lending.

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