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Securities Finance Research

End-to-end securities finance coverage

Poor outcomes with service partners and other counterparties are a fundamental drag on realising your firm’s strategic ambitions and mitigating risk.


ServiceMatrix delivers an authoritative take on how you are being served, based on frank appraisal of service partners’ strengths and weaknesses, with actionable data to drive improvement. This new approach is in stark contrast to the traditional surveys which capture favoured feedback from selective clients, geared towards delivering awards for service providers.


The definitive questionnaires at ServiceMatrix have been developed in conjunction with your peers and the securities lending and collateral experts at Pierpoint and Margin Reform.


View the free, authoritative service benchmarks for securities lending and collateral management.  

Complete the questionnaire for securities lending or collateral management to benefit from complimentary access to the corresponding detailed report. Now is your opportunity to reward strong performance and provide frank guidance enabling service providers to make informed decisions on addressing shortcomings.

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