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Client Engagement

Information - Strategy - Execution

End-to-end securities finance coverage

These words describe the Pierpoint approach. We provide the information, training and education necessary to ensure that client decisions are aligned with their investment, operational or regulatory objectives.


We then work with clients to transform those objectives into clear strategies and action plans.


Finally, the key to success is execution – clients can leverage our knowledge, experience and contacts to drive implementation and execution to ensure success.

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Previous Client Engagements


  • Needs analysis and development of a strategic plan and roadmap to transform its securities lending business

  • Analysis of trends and outlook for institutional investor participation in securities lending and routes to market

  • Evaluation of potential acquisition including strategic review, due diligence and bid preparation


  • Securities lending agent vendor selection, pricing negotiation and document negotiation and execution.   Follow-on assignment two years later to review agent performance.

  • Integration of two subsidiary lending programmes into a single business​

  • Two full-day training sessions for pension fund trustees in conjunction with trade association


  • FinTech: Business needs development for portfolio  revenue projections and subsequent performance tracking analysis​

  • Structured finance boutique: Product development of unique Asset Backed Security​

  • Expert Witness: Three separate engagements - UK and USA


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