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How can you make yourself a better Securities Finance Professional?

If you are reading this you are probably already in the business – but whether you are an industry veteran or relatively new entrant, there is always more to learn – and we think that applies to the Pierpoint team as well, despite our 40+ years in the business.

But how do you get access to that learning?

Of course, you can do training (and we offer some great courses); you can attend conferences (and 2020 has given people free virtual access to previously closed events); you can ask people questions (but that’s not always possible in the office – even if you are in an office!) and there is also the internet. But Securities Lending, Repo and Collateral Management are such specialist topics, there isn’t much there and to the extent that there is, it doesn’t reveal much

Join us on that journey to up our games and add some Alpha to ourselves.

The Pierpoint Alpha Community provides members with a package of benefits specifically designed to address each of these items.

PAC Members benefit from:

Each month:

  • 1 live event – live Q&A session, masterclass, interview or similar with a Pierpoint partner or other recognised expert

  • 1 mini-course or tutorial

  • 1 premium editorial item – article or private podcast

  • The above items will be stored in a media library and accessible to members at any time


In addition to the above:

  • All members get access to the online forum with specific topic threads where they can ask questions, share knowledge and connect with other securities finance professionals around the world.  The threads are curated by either the Pierpoint team or experts in the relative topic areas

  • Savings on Pierpoint courses, merchandise and events

PAC Members get:


  • To Information

  • To Experts

  • To Peers


  • Members get BIG SAVINGS on Courses, Events and Merchandise


  • Live and Pre-Recorded events, tutorials and Q&A including special guests

  • After publication, these become part of the PAC Library, the definitive location for securities finance knowledge


  • Members get access ahead of the public for Pierpoint events.

  • Members-only networking (Virtual and someday … LIVE!)


  • In the Community Forum, exchange information and views as well as ask questions in a safe, curated environment.

  • Meet new people in different locations, working in different areas and at varying levels of seniority and experience

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