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Pierpoint Financial Consulting

Delivering Creative Solutions in Securities Finance


What we do


Clients can leverage our experience to achieve success: Programme optimisation; strategy formulation, review and revision...


Learn from the leaders in training and education in securities finance and operations 


Pierpoint provides a range of research products including publicly available material, bespoke commissioned research and surveys as well as white-labelled projects including Thought Leadership pieces. 


Poor outcomes with service partners and other counterparties are a fundamental drag on realising your firm’s strategic ambitions and mitigating risk

Independent - Strategy - Execution

Use our Insider's Knowledge to fuel your success

Our clients leverage Pierpoint’s knowledge, expertise, contact network and insights to inform and guide their decision making in the field of securities finance.  From strategy through to training and education, regulatory change, ESG issues and performance optimisation, we cover the full securities finance universe - securities lending, collateral management, prime brokerage and synthetic finance.

Pierpoint's independence empowers us to act in the best interests of our clients, helping them make the right decisions when it comes to the complex world of securities finance. 

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Deeply professional, unmatched technical acumen - trusted advisors.

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