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Pierpoint Perspectives on Securities Finance

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

From the team at Pierpoint Financial Consulting

Welcome to the first post in Pierpoint Perspectives. We will use this channel to share our views, provide updates on relevant developments, products and events and seek feedback and input from our clients, readers and followers.

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Pierpoint Perspectives on Securities Finance

Launched at the start of 2019, Pierpoint brings together recognised industry experts with a wealth of consulting experience. The firm’s objective is simple: contributing to a better securities finance market. Of course, ‘better’ can be defined in many ways. For people outside the market, securities finance is an esoteric practice often shrouded in mystery and, occasionally, misunderstanding.

The team here want to contribute to a securities finance ecosystem that is better understood, more transparent and welcoming of change. In addition to many decades as practitioners, our consulting experience includes advising clients that span the full spectrum of market participants from institutional investors through to intermediaries, fintech companies and regulators. You can see some of our client engagements here.

Securities finance lead Roy Zimmerhansl, who has worked closely in this space with institutional investors since the early 1980s notes: “It strikes me that the most successful investors have been those that were most engaged and informed, with the best understanding of the business. It makes them more comfortable structuring their lending to ensure the optimal mix of seeking alpha while ensuring that the risk parameters surrounding the programme allows them to sleep at night.”

The experts at Pierpoint deliver our insider’s perspective to help clients make more informed securities lending decisions. You can meet the team here and rely on them for trusted, unbiased advice, guidance and support that is in your best interests. For some that means expanding their programme, while for others we have advised that lending may not be appropriate for them. As a firm, we strongly believe in the value that securities finance brings to the markets generally, yet equally that individual client decisions are unique in themselves. The partners are individually known as “robust” commentators not afraid to challenge accepted norms.

The firm’s role is to support and work with clients to ensure they are making informed decisions that are right for them. Welcome to the Pierpoint Perspective.

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