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New Course Launch! Intro to Cap Markets & Sec Lending

Unless people are interested in financial markets personally or study business or finance, they have little exposure to equity and bond markets. Even to these informed individuals, securities lending is a niche component of capital market activity...

We are all back at it after one of the strangest summers we can recall. The final 1/3 of the year to hit annual goals and objectives!

It’s also the time that many firms bring on graduates, interns and increase hiring. Do you have people that could benefit from an introduction to capital markets and integrating that into securities lending?

Then we have the course for you/ them! It will be held during the week of 21 September for Part One, and for those taking the complete course, week 2 will be during the week of 4 October.

We blend a basic introduction to markets, including sessions on equities, bonds and asset management, all with a focus on how these tie into the securities lending market. It’s a total of 8 hours of live webinars over the course of a week – two 1 hour sessions for four consecutive days.

For people that want more, there is an option for a further four hours two weeks later so that they can come back, learn more and ask questions about things they learned in the first part of the course. Part Two include four 1 hour sessions over four days.

And there is extra support for those that are REALLY KEEN at no extra cost!

Each hour will include 50 minutes of lectures with 10 minutes Q&A, conducted via Zoom.

Find out more about the Foundation Course and the Complete Course

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