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Buy us a coffee - please!

Our friends and followers know we provide a lot of free content each week - consider this: we have written over 50 blogs, produced 30 podcasts, created more than a dozen live streams, and made 2 free educational primers available to the public. We are committed to improving the understanding of securities finance and making it accessible to people everywhere.

We get a lot of positive feedback from the community and we really appreciate it. It warms the cockles of our hearts when people give us feedback of any kind and I am pleased to say that it is almost always positive and where it isn't, it's constructive.

We have had offers of sponsorship but want to keep things independent if possible. If we are going to stay sponsor-ad free, we need your help.

We would love to upgrade our free content and we have a few goals in mind. The first thing we want to do is to add live transcription to our live streams and captions for all our videos. We need to raise £200 to do that, some of the money is for the service, some of that is for a person to update all the videos.

PS if you want to become a monthly supporter, there are three membership levels, each with different benefits available check it out on the link above

Thanks for your support in getting free content into the community!!!!!

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