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Andrew Howieson

Research Lead

Andrew Howieson is an independent consultant based in London and Strasbourg, with more than 30 years in global capital markets.  Andrew's experience in securities lending includes his tenure as Managing Director of eSecLending Europe Ltd, additionally co-authoring two white papers on the introduction of CCPs in Securities Lending and on ETF Liquidity and Securities Finance.  Andrew has consulted to leading institutions on securities lending, completing an extensive appraisal of SL programs, identifying potential enhancements to revenue generation and risk management.


Andrew has specialist expertise and knowledge of fixed income electronic trading, issues related to liquidity development and buy-side/sell-side participation in less liquid markets.  In a 13-year career with State Street based in Boston, Andrew headed Global Corporate Strategy and Business Development and formed a state-of-the-art electronic fixed income exchange.  Andrew's prior career included operations and internal audit management for global financial institutions in Europe and Asia. 


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