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Add Alpha to your career today!

It's hard to be a BEAST!

About 8 months ago I was watching a live stream hosted by the masterful Rollis Fontenot III (everything good I know about live streaming comes from him) with his guest Ryan McMullan, an inspiring executive coach.

On the show, Ryan talked about being a BEAST - Be Excellent And Start Today. Wow.

That went straight onto the whiteboard in front of my desk and has stayed ever since.

Easier said than done, but it got me thinking about how I could help the securities finance community get better. I came up with the Pierpoint Alpha Community, a membership dedicated to continuous improvement of knowledge, skills and connections for people in the business.

We launched at the end of January and have done a huge amount with the assistance of friends, experts and members. Want to learn more? The doors are closing soon so check out the attached pdf without delay!

Set yourself on the path to be a BEAST! Add some ALPHA to your career today!

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Download PDF • 2.60MB

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