Andy Stephenson

Practice Manager

Andy Stephenson brings 15 years' experience in consulting - a corporate tax attorney and part of the executive team of a leading global practice and later running a specialist practice delivering a broad range of services to institutional asset owners, asset managers and global custodians.  Between these two roles, based in London and reporting to New York, he was a global product lead for Chase Manhattan Global Securities Services - encompassing product management and development, liaising with treasury and tax authority policy units worldwide, and driving process improvement and stepping up service delivery. 


Andy is a recognised face at many leading international conferences as editor-in-chief for and and has recently launched ServiceMatrix, a single standardized supplier evaluation platform which is rapidly disrupting traditional surveys of client service and operations across the front, middle and back office.  He brings to Pierpoint Financial Consulting his experience in practice management and his expertise in managing and delivering consultancy services.

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